New Year, fresh start & some great organising ideas

For minimal desk space, this is a clever way to keep track of bills to pay, upcoming appointments, very eye catching, with the wallpaper/fabric covered clip boards.

Evaluate items and be honest with yourself, how long ago did you use this? Remind yourself that you really don’t need so much stuff. The best de-cluttering method is to pull every single item from your shelves, drawers and cupboards and lay it all out so you can see exactly what everything is.

And the stuff you do need, make sure it’s an item you really love.

Martha Stewarts – New take on keeping up to date with monthly fixtures. Try a chalkboard paint, which you can apply, write and wipe away, try Builders warehouse – from the Rust-Oleum range.

For a similar desk, try Lim, they have a great selection of Duco finish or raw timbers etc, as well as clever storage boxes.

Clever use of shelving space, by utilizing rattan storage units and creating an area if interest and uniform way of displaying goods.