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Enthusiastic about all things beautiful. Worked for Condenast House & garden magazine for 6yrs, the most incredible experience, learned a lot whilst working for the company, and enjoyed every minute of it, before that i had just graduated from Design Time school of Interior Design, fantastic college and would recommended to anyone.

Basically my blog is all about inspiration, things that inspire me, often i have a friend asking my opinion on something, which then leads me to sourcing some great ideas.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hot lady! please can you come interior decorate my apartment!!!! there are so many pieces on your blog that i already have or like or similar to my apartment!

  2. Dear Nina,

    I absolutely love that Vera Wang simple and elegant dress but can’t find it anywhere online? Do you know the name of it?

    • HI Caitlin, as i can presume, every designer showcases a selection of designer gowns, as with Vera Wang, she produces something new all the time, sadly i do not recall the name of that particular gown!

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