Retro Revival

Currently consumers and designers are adopting a re-use, re-invent and re-create philosophy. There is a definite lean toward designs from the past, more specifically furniture from the atomic era (1950s-60s). This goes hand in hand with the re-use, re-invent and re-create philosophy.
Lim in kloof street, has some great retro peices as well as Eddie Zoom, Vamp, Liam Mooney, if you have eaten @Superette you would have spotted his furniture cannot forget Dokter & Misses (seen below) and Anatomy Design. Cherner Armchair designed by Norman Cherner in 1958.
Just a brief intro: The Atomic Era, is a phrase used to describe the period of history following the first nuclear bomb, Trinity in 1945. Although nuclear science existed before this, the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan represented the first large-scale, use of nuclear technology brought with it changes in socio-political & technological development. Nuclear power was seen to be the epitome of progress & modernity.
Below: Adam Rocket Chair available from @home.