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Pastel hues these remind me of Ravioli peices

Selecting a wallcovering can be a little more tricky than expected, with so many finishes, techniques, wallpaper ranges, tiles that look like curtains, your options are really limitless.


“This stunning hand-glazed tile by Italian company La fabbrica.  The Jewel tiles combine the raw and  refined; these terracotta tiles feature a rustic tumbled style that is meant to look worn and weathered, with a hand-glazed finish that will add a touch of glamour to any room. These rectangular tiles are just 2.2mm thick, wall application is easy. Choose from a variety of finishes, including platinum, gold, pearl and black. “

Bisazza MosaicsAvailable from Kenzan Tiles

Magnolia Tiles by Heather Knight

Hand made with the finest porcelain clay unglazed surface, as to achieve that ethereal quality of translucency that only porcelain can give. Has an angled hole in the back that is fit for a small nail for secure hanging.

Magnolia Tile

Scandinavian Wallpaper and Decor Company

Love the profiles


Smartpaper wallpaper from Eijffinger, available from Home Fabrics is the newest development in wallpapering. Replacing the paper with a non-woven membrane, not only is the wallcovering much stronger; wallpapering has never been easier. Smartpaper that has been correctly pasted is easy to remove by simply pulling the dry Smartpaper by hand from the wall.

Great wall stencil and Decorating ideas

Kelly Wearstler

Choice of Geometric printed fabrics, turn any dull entrance way into a focal point.

Photo Credits: Domino Magazine

Elitis Wallcoverings, available from St Leger & Viney

Cole & Son – always on trend…St Leger & Viney

With Vivienne Westwoods range, just adds that extra glamour!! St Leger & Viney

These monochromatic numbers are so great!!!


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