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Finding the perfect Sofa

Selecting a sofa, involves a lot more than you think, all about the comfort: seat cushion: foam, down. Base: springs/webbing? Height of the seat base depth of the seat? Fringe, inverted pleat/box pleat, studs no studs, turned legs/ tapered legs, stain/ paint effect on wood or castors…

Certain arms and backs suggest  modern or traditional styles.  From the classical/traditional style to the more contemporary one, but the way a sofa is upholstered and trimmed can also influence its appeal. I have selected a few styles i love, there are so many, its hard to pick my best

La Jolly Sofa, Wunders

Smith Sofa, Wunders

Hammilton Sofa by Minotti, Available from Limeline

Hammilton Sofa by Minotti, Limeline

b&b italia

b&b italia

b&b italia Fat Sofa

b&B italia

Arketipo, Crema Design

Andrew Martin

Boutique sofa collection by Moooi, Crema Design



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