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Wedding Inspiration

My gorgeous friend is getting married soon and i have been asked to help her out with the wedding and be a brides maid, so you can imagine my excitement. She wants to have a rustic theme, so i have been toying with a few ideas, for a Provencal themed wedding… use of dirty pinks, lace, linens, etc… Beautiful crisp white table cloths, crystal glassware and scalloped cutlery, is definitely the way to go. For rustic ideas, choose a colour palette that fits with the wedding theme. Earthy tones in deep yellow, sage, rust, tan and cinnamon are perfect when you want to create a rustic look. Neutral earth tones still create bold pops of color, and match well with rustic flowers and decor.

Lighting, all i can say is dim lights, and plenty of candles, always creates a beautiful glow in a room, always a flattering light, that cannot be replicated with lights.

Tonal Brides Maid Dresses

When it comes to brides maid dresses there are some pretty awful dresses out there, i do not understand how one can come up with such dresses, the point of the brides maid dress is not to upstage the bride but to complement the bride.

Vera Wang Simple & Elegant


Rustic incorporating natures elements

Gorgeous use of colours

Simple Dresses that can actually be used again.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang on Weddings!!! i want!!!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Vera Wang - From the movie 'Bride Wars' Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway

different take on Wedding Cake


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