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Colour Inspiration

Colors such as red, orange and yellow represent heat, fire and sunshine. Red associated with energy, passion and adventure, but i would not recommend in a dining room or bedroom. Orange is more stabilizing than red and carries a warmer, subtler message. Red and orange are said to stimulate hunger and digestion. Yellow creates a cheerful mood, but too much can do the opposite, you need to balance it out with a white ceiling and skirting.

Blue is very calming and is said to prevent nightmares as well as suppress hunger (there are very few blue coloured foods) thus a good idea to eat your food on blue plates, so that we end up eating less… Green is the color of nature and energy. Purple inspires creativity, but too much can be overpowering.

Neutral colors like white, brown, gray and cream create a mood of stability and practicality.

Remember, to balance the color throughout your home. Be careful not to overdo and an accent color can create a mood without having to overstate it.

Kelly Wearstler

center pieces


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