Retro Revival

Currently consumers and designers are adopting a re-use, re-invent and re-create philosophy. There is a definite lean toward designs from the past, more specifically furniture from the atomic era (1950s-60s). This goes hand in hand with the re-use, re-invent and re-create philosophy.
Lim in kloof street, has some great retro peices as well as Eddie Zoom, Vamp, Liam Mooney, if you have eaten @Superette you would have spotted his furniture cannot forget Dokter & Misses (seen below) and Anatomy Design. Cherner Armchair designed by Norman Cherner in 1958.
Just a brief intro: The Atomic Era, is a phrase used to describe the period of history following the first nuclear bomb, Trinity in 1945. Although nuclear science existed before this, the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan represented the first large-scale, use of nuclear technology brought with it changes in socio-political & technological development. Nuclear power was seen to be the epitome of progress & modernity.
Below: Adam Rocket Chair available from @home.

Creating areas of interest in any room

Such a great way to create an area of interest, just love the David Hicks fabric on the wooden chair available from St Leger & Viney.

For a great selection of frames try Hand made frames.

If your anything like my mother, who adores any white ramican/salad bowl… you would put your white crockery on display! Creates an artfully arranged collection and pleasing to the eye.Gorgeous chandeliers, wall sconces and once off hand crafted antique peices, try Delos. Table and chairs from Saarinen Collection by Knoll studio contact Lime line.

Clever way of using hanging lights, at a low level to create an intimate area, love the antique gold clocks, for something similar try Le Brocanteur!! Beautiful solid wooden flooring, try Florest Flooring, for more flooring companies, try our the Decor and Design bible as i call it, by Marcia Margolius, they have some fantastic references in there for everything.

Clearly i am always drawn to geometrics, and anything with a hint of metallic in it, try Hoy Ploy in Johannesburg (sadly they do not have a website) or Spilhaus.

Just love this porcelain dinner set with vibrant flame stitch detail. You can order this direct from it takes about three to five weeks for delivery! Available from Pickard by Kelly Wearstler.

Great way of creating a focal point in this monochromatic room with this flame stitch wallpaper. Osborne & Little have wallpaper called ‘Volte Face’, which is more of a zig zag design but gives a similar look.Very clever way to blow up an aerial view as wallpaper, Ralph Lauren does has a nautical chart wallpaper, if your after a similar look available from St Leger & Viney

If your unable to obtain the beautiful plates, Cole & Son have a ‘Fornasetti’ collection of wallpapers.

New Year, fresh start & some great organising ideas

For minimal desk space, this is a clever way to keep track of bills to pay, upcoming appointments, very eye catching, with the wallpaper/fabric covered clip boards.

Evaluate items and be honest with yourself, how long ago did you use this? Remind yourself that you really don’t need so much stuff. The best de-cluttering method is to pull every single item from your shelves, drawers and cupboards and lay it all out so you can see exactly what everything is.

And the stuff you do need, make sure it’s an item you really love.

Martha Stewarts – New take on keeping up to date with monthly fixtures. Try a chalkboard paint, which you can apply, write and wipe away, try Builders warehouse – from the Rust-Oleum range.

For a similar desk, try Lim, they have a great selection of Duco finish or raw timbers etc, as well as clever storage boxes.

Clever use of shelving space, by utilizing rattan storage units and creating an area if interest and uniform way of displaying goods.

Gorgeous Designer Guild Fabrics

Beautiful Monochromatic floral from the latest Designer guild range from Tricia Guild, available from Home Fabrics.

This range has a lovely old worldly charm about it!

Great to pair with a plain striped fabric (seen below)

Fabric: Amrapali col charcoal

Fabric: Anchala Col Cobalt

I just love this ‘tie-dye’ look on this wool/polyester blend fabric, gorgeous!!!!
Fabric: Colswick col Cobalt

My blue moment

In contrast to red, blue proves to lower blood pressure. Blue also has a very cooling and soothing affect, often making us calmer. Deep blue triggers release of malantonen & stimulates the pituitary gland, which then regulates our sleep patterns. Blue with an undertone of purple gives a warmer feeling, whereas electric blues, give the opposite conotation. I attended a talk given by Leatrice Eiseman last year, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, and author of seven books on colour, i found it so fascinating how colour can change ones mood and affect the way we feel.

Photo Credit: Gervasoni, available from The Modern Garden Company

It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue can also create feelings of sadness or aloofness. Blue is often used to decorate offices because research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. It is also one of the most popular colors, but it is one of the least appetizing. Some weight loss plans even recommend eating your food off of a blue plate. Blue rarely occurs naturally in food aside from blueberries and plums.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful, Francesco Lagnese

For Similar Sofa, try Roma Sofa and for armchairs, Sultan chairs (above) from Wunders, and the Orient dining chairs with deep buttoned & stud detail (below) great idea with the handle. Handles inc has a great selection you can choose from.

Click for details

Photo Credit: Elle Decor
Photo Credit: David Nicolas, Domino Magazine

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Wishbone chairs by Hans Wegner, so refreshing in the blue tones            Photo Credit: Carl Hansen & Son

Great idea, to create a focal point, like arranging these plates on a wall. If you have several plates and are going for a traditional look, create a symmetrical arrangement. For a collection-style look, try an asymmetrical yet balanced design.

Mixing of different styles

Mixing of styles is sometimes a bit daunting, but involves the same process when searching for a chair to pair with a Sofa. Not necessarily need be the same look but similar lines and shape, and in any case its more about discovering you own style than adhering to the norm.

Figure out which style should dominate. It can be a modern space with antique accents or a traditional space with contemporary accents. You don’t want to create a space where everything is fighting for equal attention. Start collecting pictures of furniture you like, you will soon start to see a pattern. You can then add pieces of different styles through their shapes, material, color and texture.

Great way to create areas of interest in a dark space by using accents of white & splashes of colour. Like this modern chair: 637 Utrecht by Cassina and rainbow coloured deep buttoned ottoman adds a fun element to this dark space, as well as the over sized ultra mod ‘Paper chandelier’ by Moooi. Grounded by Parquet flooring, which is making a comeback, the herringbone shape is the most popular, Parquet floors are usually long lasting and require little or no maintenance.

Photo Credit: Vogue Living Australia

To create contrast and excitement, juxtapose colors and textures, such as colourful Eames dining chairs, paired with white duco dining table, for a similar look, in solid Oak, ‘Gray 33’ by Gervasoni, available from Modern Garden Company.

With classic looks – The idea is to create a look of luxurious space through carved ornamentation, rich finishes and a grander scale. The overall look is more intricate and busier than in other styles, combined with Simplistic modern pieces can give it a very contemporary yet sophisticated feel.
Mood Board – Grey Hues mixing styles: Fabric, from David Hicks, St Leger & Viney, Louis Chair from Block & Chisel Interiors, Grey table as well as plates image, Gervasoni, Modern Garden Company.

Main Photo Credit: Domino Magazine


Double volume space incorporating classic ornate pillars in this industrial/loft apartment, paired with mod clean lines and rustic patchwork style carpet. Furniture: Panton chairs, by Vitra & Barcelona chaise longue by Knoll, organic shapes mixed with more masculine lines, such a mix of periods can give a room a distinct, multi-faceted look. i Just love these cotton Lambas from Madwa, you can layer some armchairs to create a more textured look.

Hans Wegners Wish bone chairs, are great, their natural wooden frame and woven paper cord seat, this mid-century classic chair gives any space a fresh yet almost rustic feel, mixed with modern over sized ceiling lights & dining table.

Textured Rugs: Mp Rugs/ Fibre Designs, always have such a great selection, adds play fullness to a neutral room. To match the look, recently spotted at La Grange, Louis XV chair without the canopy. Reclaimed wooden coffee table, Weylandts has a great selection. For a similar sofa, try the Cameo Sofa with the arms cut back slightly, with Scatter cushions instead of Back cushions plus loose cover, available from

Neutral Space, adding of subdued stripes, always creates a nice accented area. Greek mattress for a similar look contact Ascot Upholsterers.

Over sized ‘Bell‘ ceiling lights by Gervasoni, from Modern Garden Company. African Gameskin has a wide variety or full grain and corrected leathers, like this white hide seen below.

Great idea: Don’t have enough floor space, add angled poised ceiling lights!!

Adding some glamour…

 glam·our/ˈglamər/Noun The attractive/exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.

Lighting is one of them. Lighting fixtures are very important in a home,  no matter how intricate or creative the design of a room is, it would not have any value if there is no appealing lighting fixture to complement it. Appropriate & right amount of lighting from a lighting fixture(s) can help in improving the appearance of a house.

Guilt mirrors/ elaborate frames, hand blown lamp bases, crystal decanters, these always add a touch of glamour for me in any space.I always find such great finds in the Long street antique arcade then just have to take a visit to Buir & Muir for great classic glassware as well as timeless pieces.

Gold Finish to a desk, very sophisticated, compared to your usual stainless steel look, a design by Hans J. Wegner available from Carl Hansen and Son.

Metallic wallpaper on walls, very effective. Knoll Platner dining table (below) with Frame consisting of vertical steel wire rods welded to circular horizontal and edge-framing rods. Top options include clear glass, bronze glass and a variety of marble and veneer finishes, available from Limeline.

Photo Credit: Condenast House & Garden magazine, Interior by: Jeffrey Bilhuber

These chairs are beautiful as well as elegant; splayed legs with curved backrest. Klismosdeveloped by the ancient Greeks. Perfected by the 5th century bc and popular throughout the 4th century bc. Sadly no original Greek chairs survived into modern times. However, the Greeks left a rich history of sculpture and paintings depicting the chair.

“The 21st century has brought glamour, decoration and ornamentation back into homes. It’s a marriage of disparate styles that finds no contradiction. “

“This unique book of spectacular houses and gardens—whose owners come from the worlds of fashion, music, art, and society”

The Interiors and exteriors are so inspiring, both classic and modern, giving us an intimate view into their homes.

“This is the perfect book for anyone looking for new and creative ways to decorate their homes, inspiring readers to add an element of the unexpected to their homes. “

Kelly Wearstlers combination of all the corals and metalics, blends so well with her background fabric by Lee Jofacontact St Leger & Viney.

Diffuser bottles, I spotted a few gorgeous options at Dominico Interiors, and last but not least the timeless yet iconic Arco lamp, to think my father used to have on in his bachelor pad but sadly gave away when he was younger, paired with Knoll Bertoia Side chairs (which he has kept, all i need now is to have the seat cushion redone and perhaps rechrome the chairs.

The Baobab collection created in Tanzania, produced in Belgium, 8 exclusive colours each with a selective fragrance. Every piece is handmade and each vase is blown piece by piece. You can Choose from a selection of different fragrances, available from Wunders La maison

Pomellato jewellery,  I just love the over sized stones. Rose gold, Amethyst, Prasiolite (Green coloured stone, a rare stone in nature. Prasiolite is heat treated amethyst) Available from Apsley 2 at the V&A Waterfront. Brands such as Etro, Bottega Veneta, William Yeoward Crystal, Hermes Tableware, Ralph Lauren homeware, Aqui di Parma, Christian Louboutin. Best to leave the credit card at home when visiting.

Tom Dixon – metallic lights, spheres, domes, organic shapes, available from Crema Design I recently spotted the Beat’ lights at Graham Beck Wine tasting room in Robertson, (seen below) very chic.

Knoll Saarinen table, available from Limeline, Brass candle sticks try Le Brocanteur, great selection of antiques sourced from around Europe.

Photo Credit: Devil Wears Prada Movie

The Devil wears Prada, i think any woman wouldn’t mind a wardrobe selection like their fashion cupboard in the movie, and whenever i think of this movie, all i can hear is Vogue by Madonna…..!!! Framed pictured, such a great focal point in a room.

Crisp linens, deep buttoned scroll bed.  Many people are good at combining one pattern with a solid but are afraid of adding more. Yet, adding even one more colour/print or pattern can make all the difference between a so-so room and one that is interesting, polished, and pulled together.

Ralph Lauren interiors and accessories very elegant and tasteful.  Adding a Venetian mirror, always a beautiful accessory in a room, Delos in Cape Town has some exquisite options. Another great addition to glamourise a room is wall mouldings, NMC has a great selection from ceiling roses, cornices, skirting boards, all made from high density Polystyrene/imitation wood Polystyrene.

Photo Credits: Ralph Lauren